Top 10 Health Tips for Women

Health Tips For Women:

Let’s countenance the facts ladies, whenever we go see the doctor the time frames are short and it’s not always possible for us to visit the doctor frequently. For your convenience we have polled experts to guide you through their health tips. To be healthy you need to eat properly, feel better form inside.

Consider these tips to get a life time of fitness.

Eliminate stress from your life

One of the common problems we face is having too much stress even if there is nothing wrong. We have so much in our plates and we want just manage everything one at a time. Stress can cause you serious health issues, apart from infertility to depression, disquietude and various heart diseases. To get rid of stress find remedies which will help you to reduce stress and keep you busy.

Do not diet

To have balance in terms of having food doesn’t mean you have to let go your much loved glass of wine or chocolates or to have a restricted diet chart. The solution is self-control. Get proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and fibers. You don’t need to diet anymore.

Don’t get depended on calcium’s

The increasing amount of calcium absorption will also increase the risk of getting kidney stones and heart diseases. If your age is under 50, you should go for 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day, and if you are over 50 you should consume 1,200 milligrams through your daily diet. Milk, Salmon, Almonds are some of the foods that carries good amount of calcium.

Only cardio is not enough

Women’s should go for cardio or weight lifting kind of exercise minimum three to five times in a week to avoid diseases like osteoporosis, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes. Exercise will not only improve your health but also will develop self image as well as your mental health.

Fertility, a big concern

Many women face problems with their pregnancy early in their 30’s and early 40’s. Mainly a women’s fertility starts decreasing in their early 32. So if you are planning to kids you should visit a doctor. There is a option called freezing the eggs.

Think about birth control

Birth control might get a bad deal, but it will help you from unwanted pregnancy if you are not ready. It will also help you to lower the risk of getting ovarian and uterine cancer and will also regulate menstruation cycle.

Visit your doctor frequently

Try to visit your doctor frequently and do Pap test to make sure you are not suffering from cervical cancer if your age is more than 21. If your age is 30 to 65 you should do both Pap test and HIV tests. If you are more than 65 you might not do any test if your doctor informs you that you have no risk of getting cancer. If you think that you have high risk of getting STD and you are sexually very active, you should go for gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis every year. Go for HIV test for at least once. Don’t miss your regular doctor’s appointment.

Proper sex

Regular and proper sex helps you to reduce the stress level and also reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases- its only if you love having it. During sex if you face difficulties like dryness or any sort of pain you should soon visit your doctor to fine the way out.

Good amount of sleep

A proper amount of sleep is necessary for a human body to function. If you face difficulties getting up from bed, get tired easily or having problems in concentrating then probably you are not getting proper and enough sleep. Studies showed that, getting less sleep can cause you heart diseases and several other psychological problems.

Go for genetic testing

Medical science has prospered a lot. You can now screen your family history of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other diseases to reduce the risk and take necessary precautions. Visit your doctor and talk to him about this matter.

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