The 100 Best Fitness Tips

Tips are awesome thing to get. Whether it’s about an undiscovered restaurant or anything related to fitness.

This article is the secret to get a powerful body, that you are about to find out.

1.Build Abs

You don’t need to work on your abdominal muscles every day. “Your abs are same as the other muscles of your body,” according to David Pearson, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., who is an exercise scientist at the Ball State University. Train your muscles 2 or 3 days a week.

2.Protection of your neck

While you are doing crunches put your tongue on the top of your mouth. “This process will help you to align your head appropriately,” said Michael Mejia, C.S.C.S., an adviser of men’s health exercise.

3.Warm up your muscles

If your age is under 40, then do some warm up stretches for about 30 seconds. If your age is above 40 then hold them for about 60 seconds. As you enter into your 40’s your muscles become more flexible and the need more stretches.

4.Catching balls

While catching the pop fly use your glove to protect your eyes. Gloves are bigger than your hand and helps to grab the ball easily.

5.Save your time and grow muscles

 Try to keep your workout timing less than one hour. Within 60 minutes body starts producing a stress hormone, which may occur problems like testosterone-blocking and muscle wasting effect.

6.Exercise maintaining an order

When you are exercising try to maintain an order. First use dumbbells then barbells and then machines. With the smaller one first stabilize the muscles and the shift to the machine gradually for larger muscle group.

7.Toughen your core

Don’t be worried about your situps. Situps helps you to increase the range of your motion which helps your abdominals work even harder and longer. Be careful with the posture. Avoid doing the situps with anchored feet, otherwise it will hurt your lower back.

8.Test with your bench

Test the bench by pressing your thumb into a bench before lifting. You find the bench too hard then go for another bench. Hard benches may cause you T4 disorder. It affects the thoracic spine and weakens your arms.


To be fast in swimming try to develop your ankle flexibility. Supple feet will work as the flippers and will help you to move faster through the water. To improve the flexibility sit without your shoes and extend the legs in front of you keeping the heels on the floor. Stretch your legs as much as possible. Repeat this process for 1 minute.

10.Buy well fitted shoes

Buy your workout shoes later in the day. While buying your shoes make sure that there is a half inch of gap in front of your longest toe, so that you can twist your toes. After that slip off your shoes and measure it to your bare feet. If the shoes are not wider than your foot buy a half size bigger shoe.

 11.Leave no room for excuses

If you are too busy to exercise then you can try this method: make an exercise plan for one day and try to stick to it. Even if it’s for just 10 min, do not skip the routine or make any excuse. “Ask yourself at the end of the day if your day were less productive,” said John Jakicic, Ph.D., who is an exercise psychologist at the Brown University School of medicine.

 12.Help out your forehead

To make your forearm even stronger for tennis and racquetball, crinkle newspaper. Lay a newspaper on the flat surface and start crumpling it from a corner and give it a ball shape using your dominant hand for 30 seconds. Repeat this with your other hand.

 13.Help your back to muscle up

When you are doing a lat pull down try not to enfold your thumb around the bar. Instead of that position it on the top, next to the index finger. This helps to decrease the involvement of the arm muscles.

 14.Be patient

If you are at the beginning of your exercise, accept the failure. According to a new study, beginners who trains and fails with three sets of six exercises each day and then goes for a supplement afterward gains over 5 pounds of muscle in few weeks.

 15.Eliminate your weak spots

If you think exercise is not your cup of tea then start doing it. “May be you are avoiding this because you think you are weak it” said Mejia.

 16.Conquer the injuries, build arms

If your right arm is hurt don’t stop exercising with your left arm. A research done by the University of Oklahoma found that those who trains with one arm for 2 weeks manages to boost strength to their nonexercising arm up to 10 percent. The reason behind this is that one arm passes the muscle nerve fibers in to the other arm.

 17.Embrace the pain

When you are about to finish the set count the repetitions backwards. Think about how much you have left instead of how much you have done.

 18.Turn your head along with your legs

Do both the seated foreleg raises and standing. You will get the best result out of it. “Your forelegs are made of two different muscles, so you should do both straight leg and bent leg exercise to hit both of the legs,” says Mejia.

 19.Keep up with the stats and see the results

Keep on testing your limits. Measure the variables in every 4 weeks- waist size, body fat and bench press- to identify your end goal. “This will show you the actual result of your training,” says Craig Ballantune, C.S.C.S.

 20.Kill the habit of taking pills

Don’t go for pills after the workout. According to a research at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science found that both the pills ibuprofen and acetaminophen are not really effective in terms of relieving post exercise the muscle soreness.

21.Practice to putt like a pro

To improve you’re putting skill roll a golf ball from a corner to another. The distance doesn’t really matters. Toss it with your hand and try to make it stop at a certain point.

 22.Get rid of your belly fat

Emit forcefully whenever you are doing abdominal crunches. It gives pressure to your abs to work hard.

 23.Construct big biceps

Curve your wrist to push your biceps harder. Extend them backward and hold them like that whenever you are doing arm curls.

24.Treat faster

If you are sick don’t go for exercising. If you don’t feel good physically take a day off from your regular exercise routine. According to Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., “your body heals itself from its resources, and not will build the muscles or endure it”.

 25.Know your pace

Try to increase your running speed. Not the lengths but try to improve the speed. Your foot should be landing beneath your body and push it off with the help of toes of the rear leg for the power.

 26.Drain the use of weight belt

Whenever you are exercising do not exercise with a weight belt on. Over the time exercising with your weight belt will only weaken your abdominal and the lower back muscles. Use weight belts whenever you are lifting something heavy.

 27.Ride more systematically

Try to practice cycling by one leg to be more efficient. This helps you to concentrate on pulling up at a bottom of the hit, which also helps to distribute the pressure among the major leg muscles. Lock your both feet on the pedals but let go of your left and work with your right leg. Keep doing it for 30 seconds and repeat this with the left leg. Keep on doing it for 20 to 30 minutes.

 28.Pay in advance

Give your trainer advance payment. This will help you to be more attentive toward your exercise sessions.

 29.Compress your belly

Work on your unseen abdominal muscles. The transverses abdominal muscle stays beneath your rectus. When you suck in your gut it helps to flatten your waistline.

 30.Elongate your strength

In between your regular set of exercise takes 20-30 seconds in stretching your muscles. According to a research of Boston, a man who does this gains 20 percent strength.

 31.Careful with your shoulders

Whenever you are changing your grips decrease the weight by 10 percent. For an example if you are benchpressing with 135 pounds with a repetition of 10 along with a medium grip, decrease it in to 120 pound when you are switching your grip.

 32.Improve fleetness

To be fast in sports try this process: start with both your feet hip-width apart and putting your hands sidewise. Pull up your left foot in front of you and try to touch it with your right hand. Do the same thing with your right foot and left hand. Do this for 20 second as fast as possible.

 33.Restore muscles faster

Improve your muscles by exercising lightly the same day. Apply light weight, about 20 percent. This will help to deliver proper amount of blood and nutrients into the muscles and your muscles will repair faster than before.

 34.Dress up better

Buy one workout clothes. Pick a color from black, white or gray. This color will go with almost everything and you won’t have waste time on picking T-shirts that matches your shorts.

 35.Guzzle meat and grow

Eat 4 to 8 ounces of meat everyday in order to grow more muscles. A study of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has compared two groups of people-both exercising regularly. The only difference between them is, one group consumes meat and the other doesn’t. After a period of time it has been seen that both the group people gained muscles but those who used to eat meat gained some significant muscles.

 36.Save your time in the gym

Don’t be bothered about the specific rest periods that you take between your set of exercise. Instead of that, rest if you need it.

 37.Set home run power if needed

To strike more home runs, go for small uppercuts at a high frequency. High swings use your powerful hip and muscles instead your hands and arms.

 38.Trick your defender

To go open for a pass while playing football, run near in a manner to the defender so that you can shake his hands. More closely you get to him, the easier it will be for you to gust past him.

 39.Keep pace with the saddle

Whenever you are cycling keep the pace between 80 to 110 rpm. By this you will be able to ride beyond and faster with minimum amount of fatigue and knee issues. Keep a count that how many times you are peddling in 10 seconds and then multiply that number with 6. The result you will get will be your total pedal rpms.

 40.Construct your arms faster

Work with your opposing muscle groups- biceps and triceps, for example- alongside to be faster in workout sessions.

 41.Train to get a better handle

If you want to improve your ball handling skills in basketball, exercise dribbling, wearing leather or canvas gloves. These gloves will help you to improve the sensitivity of the fingertips and you will have improved ball control.

 42.Enrich your contacts

To be a better softball hitter play foosball more often. It will improve your hand-eye coordination.

 43.Upgrade your balance

To improve the balance, use a sofa cushion. Stand with one leg on the cushion and place a medicine ball from one hand to another, side by side. Once you conquer this move try doing it while your eyes are closed.

 44.Be more stronger fast

If you are exercising regularly, try to go for the same amount of exercise in 10 percent less time and so. This will help your muscles to work hard and improve your tolerance. For an example, if it normally takes you 30 minutes to do a full-body workout, try to do that in 27 minutes.

 45.Concentrate on the ball

By focusing faster you can train your eyes to play better tennis. You will not miss any ball simply by learning to change the visual focus from a distance.

 46.Double dips

Try to do dips with the help of your elbows and keeping your body straight to work with your triceps. But bend forward and blaze them out to focus on the chest.

 47.Bench more

While you are bench pressing try to look at the dominant hand, without moving your head, this will make you able to lift up more weight says Staley.


Whenever you are doing chin-ups don’t think that you are pulling yourself upward, instead of that, picture your elbows going down. This will make the exercise easier.

 49.Ascend like Spiderman

In order to climb walls or rocks, buy shoes that fits perfectly to your bare feet so tightly that you be able to stand but can’t walk properly. These will help you to have an optimal control in your legs and the strength to climb like a pro.

 50.Run without injuries

In almost every week out of six, cut back your weekly training into half and give your body the chance to recover. This will help you to avoid any kind of permanent damages or big injuries.

 51.Drink up more

Try to drink low fat milks. According to the scientists of Canada, people who consume around 600 milligrams of calcium everyday- nearly the amount of 2 cups of milk, a full cup of broccoli, and half cup of cottage cheese has lower body fat compared to those of who consumes less than 600 milligrams a day.

 52.Cut your score

Aim high on your breaks when you are putting. “Whatever may the break be, double it to be correct,” says Dave Pelz.

 53.Increase your muscles

Try to follow this easy formula to gain more muscles:

Multiply the quantity of weight you pull off for a particular exercise with the total number of the time you lift. Try to enhance the number in every workout by lifting more heavy weights.

 54.Try to be more flexible

Use twice as much time in stretching the tight muscles as the flexible muscles. Be more focused on the problem areas instead of the muscles that are flexible. The typical problem areas of men are shoulders, lower back and hamstrings.

 55.Retrieve faster

If you are recovering from a injury caused by the exercise, try to get back to exercising as soon as you can. Try with low strength for a few minutes. Go smoothly and try not to get into volatile movements. If you are finding it hard then stop right away.

 56.Reach for your target

Set up the goals in reverse. Which is, select a date for completion of your workout session and once reaching to that start working backward. Set up short goals which can be done easily. This will also help you to be motivated.

 57.Run on hills faster

When you are running uphill try to keep your head up and straight and eyes focused on the top. This opens up the airways and makes it easier to breathe properly.

 58.Control your middle

Do some ab exercises as warm ups before you start working out. Sit with the posture where your feet will be flat on the floor and the legs will be bent. As if you just had completed a situp. After that put your fingers at the back of your ears with your elbows pulled tugged back.

 59.Take it like a marathon

To get maximum speed and stamina train hard. Go on a slow pace at the first third of your run, at a normal pace when in the middle and at a fast pace in the end. Step by step increase the amount of your speed each week.

 60.Be better than your pals

To get a perfect hit on the golf ball receive some practice swing from the opposed side. It will help you to strengthen and balance your muscles. At the driving range do some opposite swings on three or four holes for a minute.

 61.Squat frequently

To squat perfectly use a bench. When you squat, stand straight in front of the bench. Lower the position as if you were about to sit. As your butt touches the bench stands back up gradually.

 62.Vibrate your muscles

Eat right after you finish your workout. According a 12 week study, an old man who drink a shake of 10 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 7 grams of carbohydrates in 5 minutes rightafter work out gained muscles.

 63.Make your legs stronger

Do lung exercises in reverse. This makes your front leg to work during the whole exercise. After a while do the same exercise backward.

 64.Tape the jams

If your finger frequently jams tape that finger with the neighboring finger whenever you are playing. This will make the fingers stronger.

 65.Use of iron

To run faster lift weights. According to the journal of applied physiology it’s been found that eight weeks of training has improved runner’s 5-K times by 30 seconds compared to the normal time.

 66.Protect your back

When you are weight lifting squeeze your butt muscles. “The force you will use will mechanically stabilize the spine and will lower the risk of any kind of back injuries” says Staley.

 67.Train your brain first

Before starting any kind of exercise at first train and warm up your brain. Preparing your nervous system for any kind of activity is as important as making your muscles. Training your brain will help you to command your muscles about when to contract your muscles.

 68.Let loose your hips

When you are about to squat try to keep your heels on the floor. If you see that you can’t, may be your hip flexors are way too tight. If you find this problem you can try this stretch: hold both the sides of your squat rack and come to the position where your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold it like that for 30 seconds. After that stand straight and repeat this for 5 times more.

 69.Concentrate on your gains

When you are bench pressing squeeze the bar inward. It works best with your chest muscles. But if you want to work on your triceps try to squeeze it outward.

 70.Make more shoots

For the straight on putts aim for 17 inches pointing the hole. It’s because the 17 inches green surroundings of the cup is free from footprints.

 71.End quickly

In order to save time use the same amount of weight for your entire workout session. Pick the amount of your weight which you can lift six to eight times.

 72.Keep your calves

If you run regularly and your foreleg feels tight when you wake up, try to sleep on your stomach and let your feet hang off the bed. It will calmly stretch your calf muscles all through the night.

 73.Make it short

In order to improve your running form and speed try to go faster when you are going for a shorter distance. It will not only just improve your performance but also prevent you from injuries.

 74.Be strong

To build more strength try to lift weights fast. This will help your muscle to give more force compared to the amount of force when you were lifting it slowly. Try this trick with the bench press. Take the help of a weight which is 40 to 60 percent of what you can pull. Do it in 8 sets and 3 repetitions.

 75.Seclude your abs

When you are doing the reverse crunches or the hanging knee raises, around your back by gently sloping your hips towards the chest instead of raising your legs.

 76.Be healthy

If you are not into exercise, just try to get into a 20 minutes aerobics or weight lifting sessions a week. According to a research on an absent record of 79,000 workers at 250 sites has been found that, those of who does exercise regularly took minimal amount of sick leaves compared to those of who doesn’t.

 77.Strike the rock

To learn the steal in the basketball try to swipe it up, don’t swipe it down. Twitching it up is more delicate and unexpected- and when you push the ball away, it goes higher and becomes very easy to grab.

 78.Create sprint muscles

To build sprint muscles try to work on your hamstrings. It will help you to move forward fast and improve the speed.

 79.Rise faster

To climb uphill faster with your mountain bike saddle to allocate the weight of your body evenly in both the front and rear wheels. It will help you to slip back far. If you lean too much to the forward you may lose the traction.

 80.Protect your neck

When you are doing squats give rest to the bar so that it touches your shoulders. If you hold it only to your lower neck it may cause the whole weight to apply pressure to your spine, which will lead you to spine injuries.

 81.Seclude and grow

Exercise with your one arm one at a time. Do shoulder presses in one set with your left arm then do the same with your right arm.

 82.Keep yourself clean

Once you are done with your exercise throw your dirty cloths into the laundry bag. Try to keep spare workout cloths and wash your cloths regularly after every workout sessions.

 83.Crouch for a six-pack

Do the squats and the deadlifts more often if you want to build your abs. Researches has shown that these two forms of exercise forces your abdominal muscles to do a remarkable amount of work which will help you gain the six-pack.

 84.Flex your muscles

Flex your triceps at the end of every repetition by straightening your arms whenever you are doing an arm curl.

 85.Extend your running

As you run make sure that you are breathing properly. It will help your belly rise when you inhale. This makes sure that your lungs are functioning properly with oxygen. It will help you to run longer.

 86.Hop higher

You can easily improve your vertical leap by doing some simple jumping exercise. Stand on the rim of a step which is 8 inches high and step down backward using both your feet. As your toes touches the ground, jump on the step immediately.

 87.Take the catch

If you want to grab a football, try to focus on the tip of the ball. You will see that the ball is in your hand. In addition to that you can also focus on a specific spot and avoid tracking the blur.

 88.Change your shoes

To get rid of the injuries write an expired date on your shoe when you buy them. A shoe lasts for 500 miles, so count how many miles you are about to run a week and divide it with 500 to get the expiration date of your shoe.

 89.Get up early

If you don’t want to get late for your work and also want to exercise before going to work try to wake up early in the morning. Make things easy so that it doesn’t take much time to get into exercising and also go for regular work.

 90.Make proper quads

When you are doing leg presses poke from your toes. It will make your quads work even harder.

 91.Warm up in the proper way

Before lifting any weights skip the treadmill warm-ups. Instead of that, do the warm-ups which will help your muscles you will use during exercise. To get a full body warm-ups take a bar and do two sets with 10 repetitions of deadlift, bench press and squats.

 92.Get a good grip

To get a perfect grip around your bar wrap a towel when you are doing an arm curl. It will make the bar more thick. It will make your forearms to work hard.

 93.Get maximum lifts

Before lifting any weight load your bar with 20 to 30 percent heavier weights which you think you can bear. Then lift it from the rack and hold that for 2 seconds. Do not attempt to do this without a spotter.

 94.Stay away from burnout

To figure out if you are overtraining, check your pulse rate in the morning after finishing your workouts. If you see that it gives 10 beats in one minute or more than that it means your body is still in the recovery mood.

 95.Omit tendinitis

Whenever you are doing upright rows try to use a shoulder width grip. Do not go for the traditional narrow grips, it will give you shoulder impingement syndrome.

 96.Build strength

Don’t just make the habit of using machine weights. According to a study of Georgia State University, adults who use exercise machines have improved their strength over the machine on an average of 34 percent in just 2 years.

 97.Big back

Break a big cable into two pieces. Have a good grip on the bar with your arms and extended and squeeze your shoulder blades. After that drag the bar to your body.

 98.Nourish your muscles

Please your sugar cravings after you finish your workout sessions. Try to consume at least 20 grams of protein. And sugar helps the protein to reach to your muscles.

 99.Avoid back pain

After performing a set of abdominal exercise do a set of lower back exercise. It will help you to be safe from any kind of back injuries.

100.Do not screw up

Do not try to lose your belly fat by working on your abs. according to a research it generally takes 250,000 crunches to burn just a pound of fat.

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