12 Tips to Help you Lose Weight on the 12-Week Plan

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

According to some research skipping breakfast doesn’t help you to lose your weight. Some people have a misconception that skipping breakfast may help them lose their weight. If you miss your breakfast you may miss some vital nutrients and you will end up snacking more all through the day as you will feel hungry.

Eat Your Meals Regularly

If you take your meals regularly maintaining a routine it will help you to burn your calories even faster. It will keep your tummy full and you won’t feel cravings for snacks containing high fat and sugar. Try to pick variety of foods from all the food groups. And reduce the consumption of foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

Eat Sufficient Amount of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are known to be low in calories and high in fiber. Along with fiber, they carry three other essential ingredients which are very helpful for weight loss. They also carry a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. As fruits and vegetables contain lots of water in it they help you keep your tummy full and reduce your hunger for food.

Be More Active

One of the key factors to losing weight is to be active. Your regular activity can help you burn the extra calories and fat of your body. They also provide you extra numerous health benefits. The amount of your daily activity depends on your age and the ability you have. But you need to know that your daily works such as shopping and household works don’t count in the list, as they don’t require hard works and also doesn’t get your heart rate up.

Plenty of Water

Most of the time people confuse their thirst with hunger. You can have extra calories by drinking a glass of water. You should drink at least about six to eight glasses of water every day. In some case more than that- when it’s too warm outside or while you are exercising.

Eat Foods with High Fiber

Foods the contains a lot of fiber can help you to fill your tummy, which helps to lose your weight. Fiber is found in foods that come from plants example- fruits and vegetables, pasta and brown rice, whole grains, peas and lentils and beans.

Carefully Read Food Labels While Buying

Make a habit of reading food labels while you are buying a food product. It will help you to pick the right product that will lead you to a healthier option. Use the calorie information’s which will help you to understand how to pick a food that fits into your daily calorie consumption and will help you to get the idea how much it works for your weight loss.

Use Small Plates

Using small plates will help you to eat small portions. You may at first find it irritating and might not fill your tummy but within time you will get used to it. It takes only 20 minutes for your stomach to give your brain the information that it’s full.

Don’t Eliminate Foods

Do not ban foods from your list to lose your weight, especially those you like. Eliminating your favorite food from the list will build more craving for that food. Once in a while, you can treat yourself with the foods you love. It will not affect your diet.

 Avoid Junk Foods

Try to think for substitute for junk foods. Do not stock junk foods like chocolates, crisps, biscuits and sugary fizzy drinks at home. Go for healthy snacks like fruits, rice cakes, oats, popcorns etc.

 Avoid Alcohol

A glass of wine can give you as many calories as a piece of chocolate has. Drinking too much alcohol will only increase your weight.

Routine Your Meals

Make a routine of your breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks time and make sure that you are maintaining the many. To make it easier, first make a plan for a week and continue to follow that.